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We are grieving the loss of a longtime friend and Mustang pioneer, Bob McNeal passed away on Monday, April 27th, 2015. Bob was a Charter Member and Past President of the Gulf Coast Regional Mustang Club and owner of Bob’s Mustang Village.

Bob’s wife Rochelle is liquidating their total inventory of Mustang project cars, parts and tools everything is to be sold at auction. Freddy and the Mustang Masters crew are assisting the family in preparing for this monumental task.  The auction will be held at Mustang Village, 8833 Fowler Ave Pensacola, Florida 32534. The complete inventory will be open for Preview on November 13th, with the auction beginning at 8am the 14th  and will continue until finished. Mustang Masters will also deliver all prepaid order for cars, parts and accessories made at least two weeks in advance. Freddy has been entrusted to answer any questions concerning the auction or any items offered, he can be reached at 904-724-3927.
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We have over 100,000 original classic Ford used and "New Old Stock" parts available for Mustang, Shelby, Torino and Cougar. With over 30 years of experience and the largest inventory in the southeast we specialize in all the hard to find “Trick Parts”. If we don’t have the part you need we’ll do our best to help get your car complete, our parts locator service is second to none.


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Mustang Masters
  1965 Mustang Coupe 289 Automatic $3500.00
  1965 Falcon Futura 2-Door Convertible 289 Bench Seat $4500.00
  1967 GT500 Shelby Original Q Code "Please Inquire if Interested"  
 1968 Torino GT 2-Door Fastback 289 with Rack and Pinoin $4495.00

  1969 Mustang Convertible 302 Automatic " Please Inquire If Interested"

 1972 Mustang Mach1 351C " Please Inquire If Interested"  
  1973 Mustang Convertible 351C Auto $3500.00


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