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71 Mustang Mach 1

This is an 71 Mustang Converted MACH 1 302 AUTO in black and primer.  I hear the chants to restore this fine machine to it's original quality.  This is a true treat for those who want bragging rights at the next car show.  Come take a look at this beauty.

The 1971 saw another major restyling change for the Mustang. It was also to be the last restyling for the first generation Mustang. Introduced late in August of 1970, the new Mustang was more than two inches longer and almost two and a half inches wider than it's 1970 predecessor. For the first time since the Mustang's inception, the wheelbase was extended one inch to 109". The 200 cid 6 cylinder was dropped along with the 428, the Boss 302, and the Boss 429. New engines for '71 were the Boss 351, the 429, and the RAM Air 429.

The Boss 351 produced 330 horsepower, while both 429 engines produced 370 horsepower. On the exterior, the famous Mustang corral returned. A new wide chrome strip on the edge of the front fenders and hood was borrowed from the 1969 Shelby's. The long hood now turned up at the windshield to cover the hidden wipers. Large, bold, triple lens tail lights appeared on the rear of the new Mustang. Flush mounted door handles replaced the earlier surface mounted units.

The interior featured standard high-back buckets, a mini console, and an all new instrumentation layout. Power windows were offered for the first time. The Mach 1 continued to be offered for '71. It was available with any of the V8 Engines. A special honeycomb grille and color keyed front bumper were unique to the Mach 1 model. The chrome hood and fender moldings were replaced with color keyed trim. "Mach 1" decals were placed on the fenders and deck lid and a special black or argent lower body side paint was used.

New for 1971 was the Boss 351 which replaced the Boss 302 and Boss 429. The Boss 351 featured a special 330 horsepower 351-4V Cleveland engine. The Boss 351 featured a blacked out NASA scooped hood with twist type locks and special body side stripes. The Boss 351 included a competition suspension with staggered rear shocks, a four speed transmission with a Hurst shifter, power front disc brakes, dual exhaust, and 3.91:1 traction lock rear end. There were a total of 151,484 Mustangs built in 1971.

Very few 1971 Shelby Mustangs were built.

For more information on this fine piece of history you should email or us or call.  We would be happy to let you take this 71 Mustang MACH 1 302 AUTO home and put it's wheels to the road.

For verification we have included the partial vin so that you can see how rare this Mustang is

Come take it away today before it is gonen for a mere $3500.00 and get started TODAY!.
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