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The Ford Mustang is an American automobile, originally based on the Ford Falcon compact. The first production Mustang rolled off the assembly line in Dearborn, Michigan on March 9, 1964, and was introduced to the public at the New York World's Fair on April 17, 1964, and via all three American television networks on April 19. It was one of the most successful product launch in automotive history.

The Mustang sold over one million units in its first 18 months on the market.. The Mustang remains in production today after 43 years and several revisions.

Year: 1972


The Mustang grew larger and heavier with each passing year culminating with the 1971-73 models, designed under the supervision of Ford's new product design manager, Semon "Bunkie" Knudsen, originally of General Motors. Knudsen's turn at the helm would see the last high-performance big-block Mustang, 1971's 375 hp 429 Super Cobra Jet.

Unfortunately, that very same body style was designed for the sole purpose of big-block installation versions, and was limited to a maximum of 351 CID (5.8 L) in 1972 and 1973, due to extremely strict U.S. emission control regulations and low demand for big block musclecars due to high insurance premiums. Two more high-performance engines were introduced in 1972, the 351 "HO" and 351 Cobra Jet. Both cars were excellent performers, but at nowhere near the level of the Boss cars and original Cobra Jet.

Car companies switched from "gross" to "net" power and torque ratings in 1972, and this coincided with the manufacturers making low-compression motors with different, far more restrictive induction systems, making it difficult to compare power and torque ratings. Very much a different car than in 1964, Ford was deluged with mail from fans of the original car who demanded that the Mustang be returned to the way it had been.


Body: SportsRoof

SportsRoof was Fords brand name for "fastback." The SportsRoof moniker was used for 1969 onwards for sharply included rear-deck coupes that were their "sporty" body design.

Production Numbers: 
65D 2dr Hardtop: 57,350
63D 2dr SportsRoof: 15,622
76C Convertible: 6,121
65F 2dr Hardtop Grande: 18,045
63R 2dr SportsRoof, Mach 1: 27,675
Total: 125,093 

Retail Prices:

Six-Cylinder Models
2dr Hardtop: $2,679.00
2dr SportsRoof: $2,736.00
Convertible: $2,965.00
Hardtop Grande: $2,865.00 

Eight Cylinder Models
2dr Hardtop: $2,766.00
2dr SportsRoof: $2,823.00
Convertible: $3,051.00
Hardtop Grande: $2,952.00
Mach 1 SportsRoof: $3,003.00 

Available Engines: 
250cid 1V 6cyl 98hp
302cid 2V V-8 140hp
351cid 2V V-8 177hp 
351cid 4V V-8 266hp (CJ)
351cid 4V V-8 275hp (HO) 

Available Exterior Colors
Color Code 
Wimbledon White 9A 
Bright Red 2B 
Medium Yellow Gold 6C 
Bright Lime 4E 
Grabber Blue 3F 
Medium Brown Metallic 5H 
Bright Blue Metallic 3J 
Medium Green Metallic 4P 
Dark Green Metallic 4Q 
Maroon 2J 
Light Blue 3B 
Medium Lime Metallic 4F 
Light Pewter Metallic 5A 
Medium Bright Yellow 6E 
Gold Glow 6F 
Ivy Glow 4C 

Vehicle Identification Numbers
Engine Codes 250cid 1V 6cyl 98hp  L 
302cid 2V V-8 140hp  F 
351cid 2V V-8 177hp  H 
351cid 4V V-8 266hp (CJ)  Q 
351cid 4V V-8 275hp (HO) R 
2 - Last digit of model year
F - Assembly plant (F-Dearborn) 
01 - Body code (01-2dr hardtop, 02-2dr SportsRoof, 03-convertible, 04-2dr hardtop Grande, 05-2dr SportsRoof Mach 1)
H - Engine Code
100001 - Consecutive unit number
Example: 2F01H100001

Convertible Top Colors

White or Black  

Mustang Performance - '72 351(HO) V-8
0-30 mph: 2.6 sec 
0-60 mph:  6.6 sec 
0-100 mph:  16.4 sec 

Standing 1/4 mile: 15.1 sec @95.6 mph 
Top Speed: 3560 lbs. 120mph
Source: Car & Driver - March, 1972  

Wheel Base: 109" 
Height: 50.1" 
Width: 74.1" 
Length: 189.51" 
Weight: 3560 lbs. (351CJ)  

Engine Information
250 c.i. I-6 1V Carburetor


302 c.i. V-8 2V Carburetor

351 c.i. V-8 2V Carburetor 
 284 @2000

351(CJ) c.i. V-8 4V Carburetor

351 c.i.(HO) V-8 4V Carburetor

Interior Trim Code 
Medium Ginger cloth & vinyl 4F 
Vermilion cloth & vinyl 4E 
Medium Blue cloth & vinyl 4B 
Medium Green cloth & vinyl 4R 
Black cloth & vinyl 4A 
Medium Blue knitted vinyl 5B 
Black knitted vinyl 5A 
Vermilion knitted vinyl 5E 
White knitted vinyl 5W 
Medium Green knitted vinyl 5R 
Medium Ginger knitted vinyl 5F 
Vermilion vinyl 1E 
White vinyl 1W 
Black vinyl 1A 
Medium Blue vinyl 1B 
Medium Green vinyl 1R 
Medium Ginger vinyl 1F 
Vermilion cloth & vinyl 2E 
Medium Ginger cloth & vinyl 2F 
Medium Blue cloth & Vinyl 2B 
Medium Green cloth & vinyl 2R 
Black knitted vinyl CA 
White knitted vinyl CW 
Vermilion knitted vinyl CE 
Medium Blue knitted vinyl CB 
Medium Green knitted vinyl CR 
Medium Ginger knitted vinyl CF 

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